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How COVID-19 Is Impacting Marketers’ Branding Strategies

Fully 94% of marketers say the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on their brand marketing and content marketing strategies, according to recent research from Bynder. The report was based on data from a survey conducted between April 10 and April 24, 2020, among 301 marketing professionals who work in a wide variety of industries. Some 45% of marketers [...]

How to Create a Content Strategy for COVID-19 (or Other Crises) in Five Steps

If COVID-19 has blindsided your business, you've probably been asking questions like these: How should we talk to our prospects and customers? What should we say? Should we ditch our editorial plans or stay the course? Is content promotion still acceptable or is it a definite no-no? Up until this point, you've probably also had [...]

How COVID-19 Is Impacting Marketing Budgets at Enterprise Companies

Marketers at enterprise companies say they plan to shift budget away from in-person conferences and spend more on virtual events because of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to recent research from NewsCred and Sirkin Research. The report was based on data from a survey conducted in April 2020 among 100 marketers who work for enterprise-level companies (80% of them with $1 [...]

7 Email Productivity Tricks Every Business Owner Needs to Know

These email productivity considerations are rarely acknowledged, and even more rarely acted upon, but they can tremendously increase your email productivity. 1. Notifications Do More Harm than Good If you’re like most business owners, you have notifications turned on for your email, and probably on multiple devices. Throughout the day, you get noise, visual, or [...]

10 Tips For Digital Marketing During a Pandemic

Marketing a small business during the coronavirus pandemic is full of challenges. But UPS wants to help SMBs navigate the current situation through a new series of webinars, the first of which took place on Thursday. Digital Marketing During a Pandemic The webinar featured presentations from Kathleen Marran, UPS Vice President of Marketing, Diverse Customer [...]

Advertising During the COVID-19 Outbreak: What Audiences Want

Most people say brands should continue to advertise during the COVID-19 outbreak, but they also say marketers should change the content of their campaigns to address the situation, according to recent research from Unruly. The report was based on data conducted in March 2020 among 489 consumers in the United States age 18 and older. Only 2% of respondents [...]

How COVID-19 Is Affecting Media Consumption and Online Behavior

Some 87% of US consumers and 80% of UK consumers say they are consuming more content across media channels because of the COVID-19 outbreak, according to recent research from GlobalWebIndex. The report was based on data from a survey conducted March 25-30, 2020, among Internet users ages 16-64 in the United States (2,218 respondents) and [...]

Google Explains What’s Important For Top Rankings

In a Google After Hours Office Hangout Google’s John Mueller answered a question about links and rankings. Along the way he demonstrated that sometimes what we think we know about SEO isn’t entirely correct. He then offered advice on how to fight for the top rankings. Everyone Knows You Need Links The publisher started off [...]

How to Get Your Brand Message Right & Wrong in Times of Crisis

Right now, we’re living through unprecedented times that will be written in history and studied for years to come. If I stop and think about it, my mind struggles to process and comprehend what is going on. Entering enforced isolation throughout the world has impacted almost every business and the economy on a global scale. [...]

Local Farmers are Our Greatest Alternative Food Resource

As food shortages begin to migrate into more areas of the country, one alternative worth considering is our local area farmers. Today, with the help of the internet, local growers can better connect with the public directly for processing orders and arranging delivery and pickup times. The farmers market has gone high tech. Many times [...]

S2:E124 – Doctors Share Stories From Coronavirus Frontlines Across The US

As hospitals begin to run out of ventilators and doctors are reusing masks, doctors share what they're seeing on the frontlines and what they expect to see next in battling the coronavirus. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=593190714610169

12 Ways to Adapt Your Marketing in Times of Forced Isolation

I think we can all agree that it’s been a crazy couple of weeks, courtesy of COVID-19. Every day, we face a new reality, adjusting the way we live and work, walking the line between precaution and panic. Tensions rise along with the number of Coronavirus cases reported in the news. We stock up on [...]

25 Tips on How to Stay in Touch with Customers Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

Businesses around the country are struggling to respond to the effects of COVID-19. Whether your operation has closed or you’re just struggling to stay relevant in the time of social distancing, communicating with customers is key. But do you know how to stay in touch with customers? How to Stay in Touch With Customers In [...]

Emergency Management Plans – Squashing Rumors and Dealing with the Public

The Public Relations Society American St. Louis Chapter had planned our Coronavirus Preparedness for Communicators Summit for last week at Webster University in St. Louis, MO - However, because of the exponential daily changes and fast-moving scope of how this virus has exploded globally, we have asked some of our original speakers to video their [...]

Words Matter: An Interactive Session on Developing a Coronavirus Message Map

The Public Relations Society American St. Louis Chapter had originally planned our Coronavirus Preparedness for Communicators Summit for today. However, because of the exponential daily changes and fast-moving scope of how this virus has exploded globally, we have transitioned our original speakers to video presentations. Here's the background on Beth Fagan... Beth Fagan - Retired [...]

Don’t Panic! – How to Deal with Panicked Employees and Customers During COVID-19 Crisis

The Public Relations Society American St. Louis Chapter had originally planned our Coronavirus Preparedness for Communicators Summit for today. However, because of the exponential daily changes and fast-moving scope of how this virus has exploded globally, we have transitioned our original speakers to video presentations. Here's the background on Dr. Jameca Falconer... Dr. Jameca W. [...]

President of PRSA St.Louis Chris Kuban Interviews Dr. Fredrick Echols on Advise for Health Safety in the Workplace

This Q&A is with the President of the St. Louis Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America, Chris Kuban and Dr. Frederick Echols. Public Relations Society of America - St.Louis Chemistry PR & Multimedia (Chris Kuban)

How to Work From Home

It’s not all bad, though. About 91 percent of workers actually think they’re more productive when working remotely. So it is possible for small businesses to get a lot done when they’re not working from the same office. Having remote employees can be a challenge for any small business, but our guide on how to [...]

Coronavirus And The Impact On Businesses So Far – Who’s Up & Who’s Down?

A brand new report reveals the business impact of Coronavirus so far in the US, including which categories are up and which are down. The report was published by Yelp this week and reflects data gathered from March 1 through March 22. Yelp’s report looks at which types of businesses have risen or fallen in [...]

With Audiences Outlawed, St. Louis Arts Groups Find Creative Ways To Perform

The orders threw a wrench into a plan by Shakespeare Festival St. Louis to stage a livestream of Shakespeare’s “Cymbeline” tonight, after it had to cancel the remaining seven dates in a regional tour of the production. When word of the impending restrictions came down on Saturday, the organization moved quickly. It gathered the cast [...]

7 Local Content Ideas Any Brand Can Use

If you’re in marketing then you know that content is king. Keeping your online presence up-to-date with relevant and fresh content shows search engines and directories that your business is active and therefore you rank higher. Oftentimes multi-location brands forget that unique local content is just as important as national content. In order to help [...]

5 Steps To A Successful Content Marketing Campaign

New pieces of content are being created and shared all the time. In the growing industry of content marketing, more competition will be entering your space and working to overthrow you. The question you need to ask yourself is, “Is my content better?” What can separate you in any industry, is the quality of content [...]

Local grocery chains implementing ways to serve customers while keeping employees safe

ST. LOUIS – As cases of COVID-19 continue to grow on both sides of the river, the supply line continues to move badly needed items through to where they are most necessary. Some grocery stores in our area changing policies to comply with social distancing. Shoppers will begin noticing a difference at checkout lanes as [...]

Campus rallies to 3-D print protective medical gear

When representatives from Phelps Health, anticipating a shortage of protective masks due to the coronavirus outbreak, needed help, students, faculty and staff at Missouri S&T answered by harnessing the power of technology and ingenuity. Campus was abnormally quiet Saturday and Sunday, March 21-22, not only because it was the weekend before spring break but also [...]

Five Rules for Growing Customer Loyalty Even as Coronavirus Disrupts Supply Chains

The looming supply disruption as a result of coronavirus, along with tariffs and other factors, offers historical opportunities for companies to build—or destroy—customer goodwill. A Tale of Two Companies Consider the fate of two companies: Company A and Company B. Both are relatively successful, and both are faced with an extended supply disruption. Company A [...]